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03 November 2007 @ 12:17 pm
Hey Rumer Willis, Jay Leno called and he wants his face back  
So the other day I am at one of these swanky schmanky parties that I always say I hate but very secretly love. Truth, the host of the thing half wooed half guilt tripped my ass into going. Los Angeles legend has it that he throws the most amazing low key shindigs around, LA kids really know how to party [or so they say.] I'm still rather troubled as to why this man even talks to me or worse, thinks of me as "cool" but that's a self-deprecating story for another blog...

When I get there, I automatically see two crowds... the "regular" folks and the movers and shakers. Both people know how to have a good time, I just happen to prefer the movers and shakers cus their kinda fun is less "lets get hammered" and more "wtf, they ran out of imported water!?!".

"Magazine" editors, tv hosts, blah blah blah. Btw, there's nothing I hate more than going to a party to have fun and then having everybody else whore you out for the purpose of networking. My friend, the host, was introducing me to all these new people... "oh so X, let me introduce you to M, she is the most amazing _______, she is part of a radio show called ____________, she's amazing, I love her!" Half the time I was looking around to hide my head somewhere and the other half I felt like a pretentious boob.

ANYHOW.... towards the middle of the evening I went to the little girls room to reapply my gloss and when who do I see in the corner of my eye my ex's slutty hoe of a "girlfriend". I couldn't help but smirk from where I was standing. Ex #1 and I have a very "interesting" relationship. Musician... of course. We broke up a while ago. I wanted to settle down, he wanted to tour the world.  At the beginning of the this year he calls me up out of nowhere saying how much he misses me and that he's finally "ready"... marriage, babies, etc etc [kinda like Big at the end of Sex&TC.] I thought about it, for like a second but then I kept noticing this girl that would hang around him and the band. Some magazine editor or some shit. You can always tell when a chick is more than a "groupie" or "industry" friend and this chick just had that look about her. As I later found out, he was "seeing" her and after I declined his request to get back together, he started going "out" with this girl. He still calls once in a while to see if I've changed my mind. And even though this time I think he's telling the truth, it's just too late to rekindle what we had.

Back to the girl. I couldn't help but look this chick up and down. I was not very impressed. Homeboy was totally slumming it with this one. More than pissed  I was actually offended. I didn't see how in the world he could find this woman phsically attractive. Maybe she was a hooker w/ a heart of gold, yeah, maybe. The first person that came to mind was Rumer Willis but like 30 pounds heavier x's a million.

I felt bad for this girl, not cus she looked like Rumer but because I bet this chick does love this dude and he definitely doesn't feel the same way. Heartbreak hotel... yeah.

See, my heart isn't as black as you all thought huh.

Kitty Glitter: antm // 4 // naima & tyraposedto_death on November 4th, 2007 02:45 am (UTC)
+The "imported water" people sound better
+Sorry to hear about all of that. :/
+Sex and the City <3
+Rumer Willis is scary...
Heatherrabidglow on November 4th, 2007 03:26 am (UTC)
Hahahahaha, the subject line... Rumer is a hideous beast.
KuntKween: Brooke // Bitch please.babydiego on November 4th, 2007 02:08 pm (UTC)
haha it rules seeing ex's with ugly beasts.