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So Janizzle and I arrived to the Jimmy Kimmel outdoor stage at around 5ish. I would have left the house earlier but I didn't want to look like a complete dork getting there 3 hours before the show. Two hours, well, that would seem much more "normal" right?

So there we are walking down Highland towards the street where we're supposed to wait on to get into the outdoor stage. Half way down the block I start to wonder if I'm taking us to the right place and just as quickly I tell myself that of course I'm taking us to the right place and continue walking until we hit the street we're looking for and then take a right. I can already see there are people waiting and I am relieved, as the line is not as long as I expected. The people at the front must had gotten there around 3ish or something [if not way before that.] While we were still walking on Highland toward our present spot, I heard "noise" coming from the Pontiac stage and I secretly hoped it was the band staring their sound check. Sure enough, it was.

As luck would have it, our spot in line was just in front of this place on the chain link fence that didn't have that white tubbing stuff that makes it hard to see through. At first, it was just the roadies setting up the guitars and such. Then slowly I started to make out faces and outfits. The first one I saw was Kessler. He was in his expected black suit, white shirt and black tie. The second one I saw was Paul. Now, Paulie was a little harder to make out. He had his hair tied up in a pony tail, which mind u, looked blah. It can't be Paul, I thought to myself but as soon as he let his hair down I had no doubt it was the one and only Mr. Banks himself. He was wearing these beautiful fitting grayish jeans and this black almost Gucci looking casual winter jacket complete w/ knitted sleeves and everything.

Now, all this Paul and Daniel watching was all good and dandy but truth be told, the one I REALLY wanted to see was, you guessed it, Carlos! After a couple of more minutes of wonderfing where the hell Mr. Dengler was he appeared like a vision coming out of the shadows into a very heavenly light. He was in a gray and what appeared to be chocolate brown ensemble w/ his now expected bolero tie.  He looked absolutely divine! My heart nearly broke out of my chest [okay, not literally but bare with me here.] I felt all giddy and school girlish, Janet couldn't help but make fun of me which mind you, didn't help the situation any either. 

I felt like a stalker looking through the fence and smiling while they were doing sound check, so from time to time I would look away and very sheepishly and try not to think about it too much but before I knew it I was peering through the chainlink fence again. Sam was the last one I saw cus Paul kept obstructing my view of him. Sam and that damn hat of his, it made my insides all jittery!

At first, they only did the intros to "No I in Threesome" and "The Heinrich Maneuver" and just when I would start to sing along to them they stopped. Then as the hour progressed, they started to play the intrumentals for the songs and in those cases I would start to sing along with the music as if I was at some crazy karaoke bar or something. *Don't look at me like that!* Seriously, when else are you going to sing to Interpol WITH them playing the actual music in the background?

Anywho, it wasn't until later that they started to play the songs in their entirety, lyrics and all. They must have played "No I in Threesome" like four or five times all the way through and then they repeated the chorus at least three times after that. There was something wrong w/ the pedals and the mic and Paul wasn't having that shit!

[Paul points to one of the towers]

Hey man, can you fix it cus it sounds horrible on the 7th octave¹.
Seriously, it sounds horrible, it sounds REALLY TERRIBLE!

I couldn't help but laugh. He kept repeating the last sentence over and over again. I simply could not contain myself. Right after he'd say that he'd start doing this weird vocal thing w/ his voice... "AAAAGH" At one point I wanted to yell to him.. Hey Paul, it sounds fine from here! But yeah, what the hell do I know about that shit. Plus, if he was saying anything at all about it, it was because he wanted to make that shit sound right for his audience and who can blame him for that?

My favorite part about the Interpol sound check [besides Paul's hilarious rant] was by far just watching Carlos in his "natural" element. In true Carlos D. fashion, he would just sort of stand there, playing his bass while the songs were going, acting very nonchalantly almost as if he were standing on some random NY street corner waiting to hail a taxi or something. [Btw, that's a scene I can barely imagine... el Dengler "hailing" a taxi... kid, please!]

The whole time I kept thinking... My God, Carlos does not "stand", he poses!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Carlos D. could have totally been a male model had he wanted to. Lord knows he's got the body and the face for it. His face is quite lovely, he's got all the classical features designers go ga-ga over. His body [like is face] is quite angular and as far as the posing is concerned, it just comes naturally to him. Even when he was just standing there with his hand on his hip the lines he made with his body were exquisite! Everytime he turned around or his body language would change I kept imagining how awesome those "poses" would look in a fashion magazine. I was inspired beyond belief! I could almost visualize the fashion layouts w/ all the poses he was giving every couple of seconds...

Maybe it's just the "artist" in me, who knows, but I could not help but be in awe of my Carlitos.

Btw, I finished watching the actual tv performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple of minutes ago on ABC and I must say, the way it sounded on tv sounded NOTHING like it sounded live and in person. Things like that never do I suppose. And oh yeah, I think that problem that Paul kept on talking about never got fixed cus you could totally hear something was off during the first half of "No I in Threesome." For a second you can tell Paul's frustration in his face but he quickly recoups and carries along inspite of it.

That Paul Banks, what a trooper!

Btw, it should be noted that during the whole sound check time, Janizzle and I were sipping on these yummy smoothies we got at this new smoothie shop @ the Hollywood & Highland complex.

Okay, I am totally tired and still super excited and I haven't even gotten to the performance OR the BEST part of the night [for me at least.]

Tomorrow I shall finish parts 2 and 3 of this Interpol-istic story. Until then, muchos besos!

Damn this was a GREAT night!

¹ While I am completely that Paul said "7th" I am not at all sure that he said "octave" after it. I am not a musician so I have no frame of reference as to any of this. So, until I get clarification on the matter I am deciding [for the sake or argument] that he did say "octave."

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19 October 2007 @ 02:47 pm
So yesterday I had what might be my 3rd Interpol dream ever. In this dream, I was part of the Interpol "team", I was a friend of their road manager or something of the sort and that's why I got to tag along on the tour bus. The guys would let me play the triangle from time to time during big arena gigs just for giggles. Like in all my previous Interpol dreams, Carlos was the only one with whom I couldn't muster up enough "courage" to talk to. Towards the end of my dream, the guys were playing *what seemed to me* was my old high school auditorium. I got there half an hour before the gig and scrambled to get to the "backstage" area to see if I could see the guys [spoken like a true fan girl!]

Anyhow, when I got there, everybody was taking shots of tequila. Dan was in his little corner trying not to have a nervous breakdown, Paul was talking to Sam about god knows what, some industry people were in another corner hashing out some licensing deal and Carlos was standing alone having a smoke, looking as stoic as ever. For some strange *well, strange for Carlos* reason, Carlos was wearing a distressed vintage Levi's jean jacket. Huh? I thought. How this man perplexes me so! No matter though, he looks amazing in it and I can smell his cologne from here, Mmm. It was then that I decided that if I was going to make my move, I'd have to make it right then and there. How to be both appealing and sweet? [Hmm....] After thinking about it for a couple of seconds I came up with the perfect plan. I would sing the second verse to NARC in the sultriest voice I could come up with and strut past Carlos in my black four inch heels while doing it.

The booze table was in the middle of the room. I never drink but I concluded that a nice shot of liquid courage couldn't hurt right? I noticed some pink tequila lollypop suckers on the table and i grabbed three of them. Two of them I popped in my purse and I proceeded to have the other one. [Visual aids people!] At that point I was as ready as I was going to be and I started my plan.

Well baby you can see that the gazing eye, won't lie, don't give up your lover tonight, cus it's just you me and this wire all right, lets tend to the engine to niiiiiiiiiiight....

Just as I'm finishing the verse and about to walk up the first of many stairs, Carlos swoops me in his arms and before I know it I am face to face and body to body with Carlitos himself. Thank god for the heels, I think to myself, otherwise I'd look like an even bigger midget standing next to him. I looked up at him, sort of in awe and sort of in disbelief. I smirk at him, giggle, and smirk again.

So what do you want the set list to be tonight?
-Doesn't Paul take care of that?
Yeah, but tonight it's up to you.
Make us play whatever you want, that's what we're here for.

His lips were soft and pink. His eyes held a sweet yet slightly devilish look. And yet, all the while, I couldn't say [or do] a thing.

[End dream.] 

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