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26 October 2007 @ 03:59 pm
Interpol on Jimmy Kimmel Live> Part 3> Subway she is a porno and the pavements they are a mess.  


Still off the "rush" of my whole Interpol inspired week and just seeing them play some of my favorite songs live while having them just a few feet infront of me, I decided that perhaps the best thing to do was just to call it a night and go home. I didn't want to get my hopes up about anything. [Lord knows I had enough day dreams in the days prior to the event.] And well as much as I love the 'Pol, I was not about to stand around outside the venue just waiting around for an hour or whatever like a stalker or something. Plus, I was hungry and so I figured that we should probably get something to eat w/ Janizzle and then  go home, that is, unless I wanted to collapse on Hollywood Blvd or something. [And how lame would an OD-less collapse be on that particular Blvd be, seriously...]

And so Janizzle and I made our trek to Baja Fresh, partly because it was the only only close thing but mainly because it's our "thing" whenever we find ourselves anywhere around there [Hollywood.]

By that time it was roughly 9:17pm or something. I ordered our food while Janizzle went to the little girls room. Within a minute or two Jan was back and our food was ready. As always, the Baja Fresh people got our orders mixed up. Jan's plate had my tacos w/ her rice and beans and I had her tacos w/ my plate of all rice. They had sprinkled some of that stinky dry cheese on her beans and consquently some landed on my tacos and of course I just had to say something about that. I HATE cheese w/ a passion, so I spent the next three minutes trying to get the specs of stinky cheese off of my chicken tacos. I probably didn't get everything but at that point I was over it and I just wanted to eat.

We sat eating and talking about the show and how cool the whole afternoon/night was. She had never really heard Interpol before but she said she really liked the music but most especially, she really loved Sam's drumming. And yes, even she had to admit how cute Carlos was. By 9:45-ish I thought it was probably time to go home and since the Metro runs every 25 minutes at night we would probably have to wait a while before getting back home. I was getting up and about to throw my trash away when all of sudden a thought occured to me...

What IF we just happened to go back to the street where the stage was? Afterall, how long could it possibly be to walk from Baja Fresh to there? Two or three minutes at the most. If we were lucky, maybe we'd see something or someone and if not, it would be all cool too and then we could finally go home.

I mentioned my master plan to Janizzle and asked her if it was cool. She concurred and off we went. To kill the time and to spice things up I made a bet w/ her to see how long it would take us to walk around the block. We were bending the corner and I was about to set the timer when all of sudden I see this group of girls in the middle of the block. At first I figured that they were probably still waiting there for the band. As I was getting closer I was thinking of asking them if they'd come out yet or whatever and just as I was thinking it in my mind I heard this girl scream. So naturally I turned to Janizzle and quickly said "RUN Janizzle, RUN!"

I only ran for a few steps because then I thought to myself that the scream was just from some random girl who did it just for the randomness of it. But then, as I started getting closer to the gate I saw someone, I didn't know and couldn't make out who it was but the closer I got something started to stir inside me.

I couldn't believe it when I saw who it was!


I stood there dumbfounded for a couple of seconds. I was thinking of something to say to him since I had a clear view of him and vice versa despite all the chaos stirring around him. What would I say? How would I say it? I knew I only had a few seconds to think about it cus I knew at any moment he could totally just decided to leave but before I knew it I heard myself saying the DUMBEST and generic thing I could possibly say...

Awesome performance Paul!

WTF! Did I just say that?!? WTF!!!

Thoughts of Mexico and NYU were floating in my nearly exploding little mind. Since they had not let bags or purses in the venue, all I had with me were a pen, cash, my metro stub, my id card and my credit card. So without so much as thinking, I searched my pockets for my Metro [Subway] stub and made my way through the crowd of girls. I was nearly up to the front when all of a sudden I felt Janizzle's hand push me towards Paul. :)~

There I was again, with another chance to say something to man whose lyrics [and music] have given my life and times so much happiness and love and everything you could possibly imagine. How could I possibly convey to him what his music has meant to me and what it has done for me. How it makes me feel when I hear it or how it makes my days just a little more bearable sometimes. How?

I looked up at him in all his his glory, moles, dirty blond hair hanging in front of his face and everything.

Would you mind signing my Metro stub Paul?

I couldn't feel more alive or retarded at the same time. He gently took the stub from my hand and started to sign it. [Thank god he had his own sharpie cus my pen would have smeared.]

I asked to get a picture with him and he agreed, however, at the particular moment Janizzle's camera phone decided NOT to work, so the only evidence of any of this is the actual metro stub and a very jacked blurry picture of Paul's nose and mouth and my eye and cheek. [Plus a pic of Paul's face that Janizzle took while Paul was signing my ticket *before her camera decided to freak out.]

Paul was beautiful. I could tell he was tired but he was still spreading the love. I got to pose w/ him for like a second with my hand on his side. I could see all the other girls swooning and that's when I noticed a TMZ camera filming all of this. So yes, I wouldn't be surprised if I see the caption "Crazy girls sworm Paul Banks of Interpol near Hollywood Blvd!"
on their website or tv show today.


I was happy though, despite the camera freak out because deepdown I knew and had the feeling that I would probably see Paul Banks again and would have a chance to "redeem" myself. Janizzle said I blended in w/ the rest of the other girls on account of my looking so young and all. I didn't mind though. After Paul signed my Metro [Subway] stub, we left and by that time the crowd was way bigger then when I arrived. A black van was behind Paul and I figured perhaps the rest of the guys were in there just waiting for Paul to finish or something. The windows were tinted but I decided to smile and wave to the van just incase the rest of the guys were actually in there. Then I just sort of skipped away, giddy and *in retropsect* not really understanding or believing what had just happened.

As we walked up Highland Blvd. w/ Janizzle I could not stop smiling or holding my signed piece of Interpol memorabilia. We reached the Metro station two or three minutes after. We paid for our tickets to go home and sat on the platform because we were so tired from all the standing that day.

We reminisced about it all again. This time, including our brush w/ Paul, the other fans, her spaztaztic camera phone and the TMZ camera. I was still smiling from all the emotion and my eyes were totally lit up like a little kid who got just what they wanted for x-mas.

And that, I suppose, is where the story ends. I met Paul Banks. Yeah, I REALLY met Paul Banks. Even when I woke up this morning I wasn't completely sure if it was all just a dream or not until I looked at my signed ticket stub. That's when I realized:

So it actually was real...

Subway she is a porno and the pavements they are a mess...

[It's up to me now, turn on the bright lights]

The End.

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Kitty Glitter: interpol // paul and carlos // dogposedto_death on October 27th, 2007 03:40 am (UTC)
Paul is awesome, I love him. He's a sweetie.
Did he make sure he took the attempted picture of you and him?
I love that, it makes it more special.
denglerinodenglerino on October 27th, 2007 04:46 am (UTC)
No, but then again there were like 15 other people there and they were all mobbing him. Actually, we tried taking the picture twice but that damn spaztastic camera! He was cool about it though. The whole time I kept thinking about his face in that one invisible tennis match picture, classic!